Useful Information under Current Circumstances

Due to COVID-19 Cleaning Guidelines from the Association of Self Caterers (PASC), we will now require considerable additional cleaning & preparation time to ensure our house is compliant with these guidelines and therefore minimising risk to all guests, our housekeeper and ourselves.  We hope therefore, that you are able to show understanding in relation to our changes of arrival and departure times.


Check In - NO earlier than 5pm. If you arrive early please feel free to leave your car at the house. If we are able to complete our changeover and leave the house earlier than 5pm we will text you to advise that you can enter the house.


Checkout - NO later than 9.30am – in order to ensure that there is reduced risk to our housekeeper we are asking guests to depart 30 minutes earlier than usual at 9.30am this will reduce risk and the possibility of yourselves and our housekeeper being at the house at the same time.


KEYS:  Access to the house is via a key safe by the front door, the code will be sent to you prior to your stay.


In order to safeguard you all as much as possible, we hope that you understand getting the balance of what to remove and what to safely leave in the house has had to be based on industry guidance, a little common sense and also our anticipation that you will live in the house as you do at home and exercise the usual additional hygiene precautions we have all become used to.


ON ENTRY TO THE HOUSE:  Please immediately wash your hands. We will not be putting hand sanitiser by the front door as it is advised this is NOT as effective as washing your hands; you are able to access at least 4 bathrooms on immediate entry without having to touch anything so we feel this is the safest and best advice. So can we ask that each time anyone in your party returns to the house from going out that they wash their hands straight away.



We have removed a few things from the house which would be very difficult to include in our increased cleaning regime for every changeover, so we just thought we would mention these now in case you may wish to bring some of these things with you, these include:

  • Bedroom throws & scatter cushions
  • Board Games, Cards & Toy Box
  • Books
  • CD Box


We want you to have a comfortable stay and we recognise that under current circumstances you may spend a little more time at the house than usual so we took the decision to leave DVDs and a fully equipped kitchen still in place. There are also cleaning products in the house for your use, but when you are out and about you may wish to bring things such as:

  • Hand Sanitiser
  • Anti-bacterial Wipes


ONLINE SHOP: If you are thinking of doing an online shop you will also need to site the address as Sandown/Kempton as sometimes Sandown does not come up on address databases.


TRAVEL COT: You will require your own cot bedding as only the travel cot is provided.


TOWELS: Provided is 1 x hand towel and 1 x bath towel per person plus one bathmat per bathroom, should you feel you may require more, please bring extra with you.


PETS (If relevant):  As per the T&Cs it is requested that your family dog is NOT left unattended in the house; if you are going out without them we are happy for you to use a pet crate. There are many places to eat out both in the village and around and about which are pet friendly. Also it is requested that pets are not allowed to sleep on or in the beds which is for obvious reasons.


IN THE EVENT OF AN ALERT FROM NHS TRACK & TRACE OR DEVELOPING COVID-19 SYMPTOMS: If unfortunately any of your party receive an alert from the NHS team or the Track & Trace App. or anyone develops symptoms of COVID-19 (high temperature, persistent cough, loss of smell or taste) the current government guidance is: To return home immediately, self isolate at home for 7 days and order a test, this would be applicable to your whole party. You must also inform ourselves so we are aware of the infection and are able to take any additional steps to safeguarding.  If you are unable to return home on medical advisement you should discuss this with us urgently as you will be liable for the additional accommodation costs as incoming guests will need to be moved to alternative accommodation or cancelled and refunded. You may be able to claim this on your travel insurance, this would be for you to check.

STRIPPING OF BEDS ON DEPARTURE: We normally would not ask our guests to do strip the beds. However, under the current circumstances it is counselled that any possible virus which is disturbed can become airborne and this then would poses a high risk to the housekeeper. So with this in mind we have been advised that it would be safer if guests could strip their own beds and towels on departure. For this reason we have left 2 x Striped Laundry Bags in each house.

Could we please ask that you strip all bedding including pillow protectors BUT NOT bed protectors:

  • Please place all bedding in 1st laundry bag
  • Please place all towels in the 2nd laundry bag
  • Please place both bags on the front porch when you depart from the house